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Beyond Basics is a 501(c)(3)  literacy non-profit, serving the Metropolitan Detroit areas since 2002. We partner with schools and other organizations to help students achieve reading proficiency by providing reading tutoring and literacy support programs – writing, art, mentoring, and partnerships – throughout the school day for students in grades Pre-K through 12.

Beyond Basics provides children in under-resourced communities the opportunity to learn and master and essential life skill: READING!

We envisions a world where all children are valued and afforded the resources to develop reading skills necessary to achieve full potential. We believe Literacy Is For Everyone (L.I.F.E.). Our volunteer reading programs – Reading Buddies and Mystery Readers – reinforce what the students learn through our one-on-one tutoring program which encourages a love of reading.


Literacy in Detroit, Be the Solution!

A Day in the Life by Keith Famie
On behalf of Beyond Basics and all of the children they serve.

Beyond Basics organization began in the spring of 1999. It began as a coat donation project in one of the urban elementary schools in the Detroit Public School System. For two years we ran pilot programs with students from one school, testing ideas and measuring the interest level of the children. In February 2002, we were motivated by the response of participating students and we incorporated ourselves as a non-profit for the sole purpose of reaching more children.

Executive Director and founder Pamela Good, talking about our organization at Beyond Basics.

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Pamela Good and the Beyond Basics organization submitted a proposal for the 100 and Change Grant for the MacArthur Foundation. The video was filmed within the schools, talking about our programs, and witnessing firsthand the one-on-one reading tutoring programs at work. The goal Beyond Basics would like to achieve is LITERACY. Improved reading skills, grade level movement, writing skills, vocabulary comprehension, creating and publishing books, and creative artwork inspired by master artists, are all impactful accomplishments our students achieve with our programs at Beyond Basics.

Please take a moment to see our programs at work and hear from our Executive Director and Founder Pamela Good!

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