Beyond Basics uses proven methods to unlock the magic and power of reading for K-12 children in 6 to 12 weeks.

 “93% of children in Detroit public schools are unable to read at grade-level.” *


Beyond Basics change the destinies of students’ lives by getting them to read proficiently. We guide and support vulnerable children to develop fundamental educational skills. Above all else, we move children in K-12th grades beyond the basics and prepare them for productive and meaningful lives.

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Beyond Basics – Getting Children Reading in Six Weeks

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One Young Detroiter’s Life Changed After Learning to Read

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Research shows Beyond Basics’ approach to tackling illiteracy is working…

The Read to Rise program was found to be very effective in the controlled randomized study. Children who participated in the program outperformed their peers across a wide range of reading skills including both word and comprehension performance. These findings provide convincing evidence that the Read to Rise program is successful in enhancing reading abilities among children who traditionally struggle with reading proficiency. The program offers a valuable approach to supplemental reading instruction.

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