Beyond Basics is a child-centered, literacy focused nonprofit organization. We provide one-on-one reading tutoring and literacy enrichment programs for K-12 students and achieve grade level movement in six to twelve weeks. Beyond Basics’ proven methods are life-changing for the kids we reach, opening a whole new world and future to those who need it most.


  • One-on-One Reading Tutoring (K-12)
  • Reading Readiness  (lower elementary) / SOAR (9-12)
  • Reading Buddies / Leader Readers
  • Free Book Program
  • Publishing Center
  • International Art and Writing
  • Expanding Horizons
    • Mentoring Matters Partners
    • Caring for Kids Donation Program

A Day in the Life

Beyond Basics gets students reading and excited about learning. We’ve done this work in Detroit public schools since 2002 and have met inspiring students with amazing stories.

 Conquering illiteracy one neighborhood at a time

WXYZ Detroit – The number of people who cannot read in this country is astounding at 32 million adults, and in Detroit it’s shocking that nearly half of the population is illiterate.

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Beyond Basics 2018 Literacy Summit

Beyond Basics held its Literacy Summit at Mumford High School on March 1st to kick off National Reading Month that included students, teachers, community activists, foundations, the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) Board and local journalists. 

Literacy center opening, offers free literacy, GED and SAT prep courses

WDIV-TV – New Beyond Basics Family Literacy Center will help students and families struggling with literacy issues.

Crain’s Detroit Business

By Pamela Good

Literacy is a critical building block of an academic foundation that supports a child’s educational success and future as a productive self-sustaining adult. Unfortunately, this essential building block is missing for hundreds of thousands of students showing up to school each day. Illiteracy has reached a crisis level as it has not been fully addressed or understood for decades.

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STEM and literacy driving auto industry’s future

By Pamela Good

STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) has proved successful in exciting students about careers in STEM fields. Adding the arts/design to this mix of skills has resulted in even more well-rounded students, creating a STEAM movement.

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Literacy is a prescription for what ails Detroit

By Pamela Good

A child who struggles to read becomes an adult who struggles. The reality of this message has been on my mind since 2004 when we realized the scope of the literacy problem in Detroit.

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Who will save Detroit’s Schools

Featuring Pamela Good

Dismal reading scores sparked a lawsuit on behalf of seven Detroit students in 2016, arguing that students are being denied their right of access to literacy. But a lawsuit alone is not going to solve this illiteracy epidemic.

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Why is illiteracy a crisis

February 7, 2019
Why is illiteracy a crisis? The definition of a crisis is “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger." Another...
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Celebrating 20 years!

February 7, 2019
20th Anniversary Gala Celebrating 20 years! In 1999, our CEO, Pam Good walked into a school with a mission to make...
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The Williams Family

February 7, 2019
When we opened up the doors to our Family Literacy Center in October, we knew we would reach many but...
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Beyond Basics Leadership Series

February 7, 2019
What happens when you have a CEO of a nonprofit, NFL Running back, and 80 high school juniors and seniors...
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