Beyond Basics Family Literacy Center

Founding support

To help teach Detroit families to read and prepare for the workforce, the Beyond Basics Family Literacy Center opened its doors in October 2018 at the Durfee Innovation Society. Thanks in part to a $250,000 grant from General Motors, the center provides literacy, GED and SAT prep and workforce development services and more.

By providing a literacy center in the heart of the community, entire families have access to the support they need to learn to read. Beyond Basics started working in the Detroit in 1999 and through its work realized that illiteracy is a crisis and a generational problem.


Durfee Innovation Society, the first EnVISION Center in America
2470 Collingwood Street, Room #223, Detroit, Mich. 48206

  • Founding partner General Motors presented a $250,000 grant to Beyond Basics to fund a year of literacy, GED and SAT prep and workforce development programming and more for families living in the surrounding community and beyond.
  • Beyond Basics continues to seek support from individuals, corporations, and community and family foundations to provide these services for all who need it.

Quote from co-founder/CEO of Beyond Basics Pam Good

 On the founding partnership:

“We are grateful to General Motors for providing the resources to extend our services deeper into the community. If you cannot read in this country you are essentially locked out of an education and without an education your choices in life become much more limited.

“Reading is an essential life skill. The Beyond Basics Family Literacy Center brings our support right to those who need it. Only through literacy can we break the generational cycle of poverty in families and create opportunities to rebuild our community one family at a time.”

Beyond Basics Family Literacy Center programming and support include:
  • Literacy Suite (Reading Tutoring, Art with the Masters, Publishing Center, Expanding Horizons)
  • GED Prep
  • Online Diploma
  • SAT Prep
  • Essay writing
  • Resume writing