The Beyond Basics COVID-19 Relief Fund helps families within our community by providing $250 for essentials such as food, bills and gas. With your generous support, we can help so many get through this challenging time. The response we receive from those helped by your donation is incredible. These families are so grateful for assistance during this pandemic.

“I was just praying last night, how am I going to make it without a job now that I have been laid off.  How will I take care of my children?” “This is a blessing.  A true blessing”.

“This is so nice. I didn’t know what I was going to do, you know for my kids.  This means so much, really.  Thank you.”

An elderly woman, a grandmother who takes care of her grandchild drove up, while still in her car she said “Thank you.”  I said, “Wish we could do more”.  She said, “The thought means everything”.  This is wonderful. Let me write down a scripture for you to read, Psalm 91”.  We spoke for a few minutes.  She is simply lovely to the core.

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