International Art & Writing

The International Art Project provides opportunities for youth around the world to connect with peers and creatively express their versions of a universal theme through production and sharing of visual art. Through the arts, children improve their understanding of words and concepts critical for literacy — building vocabulary and expanding comprehension. These experiences are specifically designed to enrich literacy work and encourage a love of learning for life.

We trusted that if we could connect students facing challenges in Detroit to children facing challenges in other countries, then all of the students would feel empowered through personal connection. From the seeds of this endeavor, we created the International Art and Writing Program, which gave a voice to children living in difficult circumstances around the world. Through their creativity and their words, we are blessed by their wisdom.

 Theme: “What the World Needs”

Partner School: Mexico

“I think the world needs a hero.”
8th Grade
Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy

Detroit, MI

“I think the world needs fresh air.”
5th Grade
Thirkell Elementary School

Detroit, MI

“The world needs more recreation centers because we need a productive and positive way to spend time and stay off the streets.”
11th Grade
Central Collegiate Academy

Detroit. MI

“I believe what the world needs now is more women engineers.”
7th Grade
Nichols Elementary Middle School

Detroit, MI