Executive Summary




Augenblick, Palaich and Associates (APA), in partnership with Picus, Odden, and Associates (POA), was hired by the School Finance Research Collaborative (Collaborative) to examine the resources needed for students, teachers, schools, and districts to meet Michigan’s academic standards. APA and POA are nationally recognized experts in school finance issues with experience examining school finance formulas; estimating the resources needed for students, schools, and districts to meet state educational standards; and working with state policy makers to implement needed changes. The study team also includes national school finance experts Michael Griffith, Chris Stoddard, and Jennifer Imazeki. The study team has well over 100 years of combined experience studying school finance issues. This report details the approaches used by the study team to estimate the resources needed in Michigan to meet state standards.

The study team’s implementation of adequacy approaches focused on engaging educators from around Michigan, ensuring the study included the complete state context in its findings. The data collection brought together over 250 educators from school districts, public school academies (charters), and intermediate school districts to examine the resources needed for students to meet state standards. These teachers, principals, special education educators, district administrators and other education professionals came from all over the state and from districts of various sizes to examine and provide input on Michigan’s resource needs.

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