What happens when you have a CEO of a nonprofit, NFL Running back, and 80 high school juniors and seniors in one room? Magic! Absolute magic!

On January 15, we hosted our 2019 Leadership Series which featured CEO and Co-Founder of Life Remodeled, Chris Lambert, and NFL Running back, Joique Bell. The event was held at the Durfee Innovation Center and the focus was “Pursuing Passions.” Both gentlemen had the floor for an hour to speak to 80 Mumford high schools students. They each chose to speak with the students instead.

Lambert discussed his passion for bettering the community, and he included a PowerPoint that gave powerful visuals. Bell discussed his passion for football, but focused more on the journey to succeed in life. Each individual gave the students an opportunity to ask questions, and the students didn’t hold back. One young man stood up and said “I understand that we should stay motivated, I get that. But how do we stay motivated when our heat is off and we don’t know where our next meal is coming from?” The room was silenced. Bell answered by telling a personal story from his childhood, followed by a statement that left the young man fulfilled. He said “I can tell you this. There wasn’t a workout or practice in the NFL that was more difficult than the things I experienced at home, as a child. If you can persevere despite the hardships, nothing will be impossible going forward.”

That question and answer was a true testament to the impact of the Leadership Series. Students left feeling inspired, and the guest left feeling accomplished. Everyone in attendance left feeling energized and motivated to do more. We will continue to host Leadership Series monthly. If you know any dynamic individuals that wouldn’t mind spending their morning with some of the most amazing students on the planet, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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