When COVID struck, we acted quickly. The transition from in-person tutoring to online tutoring was going to be an absolute necessity if the E.L.I.T.E. College Readiness Program was to happen as planned. Sound Mind Sound Body was counting on us! We took immediate action – acquiring additional technology and preparing our tutors for an online instruction environment.  

As a result of our team’s commitment and the engagement from our students, the program was a clear success!  

Literacy tutoring with Beyond Basics took place every day for the duration of the program. This was just one element of the holistic experience. Of course, football practice and workouts were central to the programming – but the students also took part in discussions about race, mental-health, nutrition, financial literacy, and much more! 

The E.L.I.T.E College Readiness Program’s commitment to focusing on the whole person was completely in line with the Beyond Basics’ approach. We were honored to play a key role in this program and hope to provide the same experience to more student-athletes in the future!