When we opened up the doors to our Family Literacy Center in October, we knew we would reach many but we didn’t know how the “many” would be packaged. We expected high school drop outs and older adults to walk through our doors, but to our surprise, a mother of 8 home-schooled children was the first to seek our services. The ages of the children range from five to sixteen, and their names are Elleyahnna, True, Kael, Asher, Sageius, Jedidiah, Declan, and Dosya. Their father manages the maintenance in the Durfee building, and when he heard about our services he immediately shared the news with his wife.

We assessed and began tutoring a week after meeting Mrs. Williams. Each child brought his/her own unique struggles, from dyslexia and spelling to simply struggling to focus on the task at hand. Our tutors were determined. The family was graceful, and they showed up every day, on time, and prepared for a challenge.

The children’s total movement was 12.1 grade levels combined, with 2 grade levels being the average grade level movement. That’s life changing! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to tutor such a wonderful family.

If you know anyone that needs reading tutoring please refer them to our Family Literacy Center located on 2470 Collingwood, Detroit, MI, 40206. Literacy is for EVERYONE!

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