Why is illiteracy a crisis?

The definition of a crisis is “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.” Another definition describes a crisis as “a time when difficult or important decisions must be made.” Dear friends, the state of illiteracy in our community is causing difficulty for many, trouble for others and danger for all. An important decision MUST be made. Will we stand by and allow the impact of illiteracy to crush our educational system and oppress the innocent victims that show up to school each day? Or will we accept that this crisis is all of our responsibility?

I could answer the question about why illiteracy is a crisis in a multitude of ways, but the more urgent question to ask is “how do we solve this crisis?” The “how to” is relatively simple; through our one on one reading tutoring intervention we are able to identify and address each child’s needs. What makes it a crisis is the number of children and adults that need our help. Our holistic approach allows us to increase the reading grade level of our students, on average, in just six weeks.

While we know how to get people of all ages reading in record time, ALL of us have something to offer. If you’re reading this newsletter you are now more aware than many others about this topic. We encourage you to advocate on our behalf, volunteer with us by spending time reading with students, or simply fund this work to allow us to reach those in need. We know this solution works; we witness life changing transformations daily in the communities we serve. Will you stand by and watch, or will you join us making 2019 the year every child gets what they deserve?

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