January 22, 2018  

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What would Martin Luther King, Jr. Say About the State of Literacy and Education Equality in Detroit Today?

Beyond Basics to Celebrate National Literacy Month
in March 2018 with Two Events:


  1. March 1, 2018

Beyond Basic’s Biennial Literacy Summit at Detroit’s Mumford High School

9 am to Noon
17525 Wyoming Avenue, Detroit, MI 48221

Join Expert Discussions on the State of Literacy Today in Detroit and Southeast MI –

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  1. March 16, 2018

Beyond Basics Annual Event at the Detroit Athletic Club

6 pm to 10 pm

241 Madison St, Detroit, MI 48226

Join Donors and Stakeholders to Support Closing the Literacy Gap in Detroit and Beyond

This month, on January 15, 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr.’s actual birthday and the annual holiday held in his honor landed on the same date. He remains one of the best known and most revered civil rights leaders in the world. No one spoke more eloquently on civil rights issues and the need for equality between all peoples than King.

Many people do not realize that nearly 55 years ago in June 1963, King led 125,000 people in Detroit in a rally known as the “The Walk to Freedom” and first uttered the phrase “I Have a Dream” in COBO Hall Arena in Detroit before a crowd of 25,000. This was two months before his world famous speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial in our Nation’s Capitol on August 28, 1963. At the Detroit rally and in his speech, he and supporters protested segregation in the South as well as inequality in wages, housing and education in the North. Segregation is now illegal and civil rights and equality are the law of land. The United States elected its first African American President, who served two terms, yet what would King think of the economic, housing and educational equality between whites and blacks or persons of color in Detroit and the region today?


As we prepare to celebrate national literacy month in March and the 55th anniversary of both of King’s “I have a dream” speeches this summer, Beyond Basics has the proven tools to make literacy a reality for all children in Detroit but now is the time to finally demonstrate the will and supply the resources to teach all our children and their families too how to read. Together, this is a dream we can make come true.