Program Summary


The goal of Beyond Basics is to improve reading proficiency for all. Our literacy, literacy-enrichment, and community partnership programs are all designed to ensure that students gain:

Research-based tools and strategies to read with confidence


Success-focused experiences to build vocabulary and expand comprehension.

The two core programs of the Beyond Basics Literacy Suite are summarized as follows:

Read to Rise





  • One-on-One Reading Tutoring (K-12)
  • Reading Readiness  (lower elementary) / SOAR (9-12)
  • Reading Buddies / Leader Readers
  • Free Book Program

  • Publishing Center
  • International Art and Writing
  • Expanding Horizons
    • Mentoring Matters Partners
    • Caring for Kids Donation Program

Key Activities, Measures, and Outcomes


Beyond Basics utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data to improve student reading proficiency with evidence-based data across all programs delivered.

Objective 1: Deliver reading instruction that empowers students to learn, grow, and participate in a dynamic, information-based world.


Key Activities

A. Read to Rise Tutoring Programs

a. One-on-one tutoring

b. Reading Readiness


B. Reading Buddies / Leader Readers

Performance Measures (Metrics)

i. Woodcock WRMT-A (pre-test)

ii. Woodcock WRMT-B (post-test)

iii. Tattum weekly “cold” reads

iv. Student survey (qualitative)

v. Hours of service

vi. Hours of service

vii. Number of community partners engaged

Priority Outcomes

Increase reading techniques and strategies

Model / practice reading

Outcome Target (Impact)



Objective 2: Build vocabulary and comprehension through exposure to literacy-enrichment activities and community partnerships that are success-focused


Key Activities

C. Literacy-Enrichment Programs

a. Publishing Center

b. International Art & Writing

D. Expanding Horizons

Performance Measures (Metrics)

viii. Hours of activities

ix. Number of books published by student-authors

x. Number of arts-related materials produced by students

xi. Number of community partners engaged

xii. Hours of activities

xiii. Number of community partners engaged


Priority Outcomes

Student immersion into success-focused creative activities

Exposure to new experiences and ideas

Outcome Target (Impact)