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A Day in the Life

Beyond Basics gets students reading and excited about learning. We’ve done this work in Detroit public schools since 2002 and have met inspiring students with amazing stories.

 Conquering illiteracy one neighborhood at a time

WXYZ Detroit – The number of people who cannot read in this country is astounding at 32 million adults, and in Detroit it’s shocking that nearly half of the population is illiterate.

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Beyond Basics 2018 Literacy Summit

Beyond Basics held its Literacy Summit at Mumford High School on March 1st to kick off National Reading Month that included students, teachers, community activists, foundations, the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) Board and local journalists. 

Literacy center opening, offers free literacy, GED and SAT prep courses

WDIV-TV – New Beyond Basics Family Literacy Center will help students and families struggling with literacy issues.

Pamela Good and the Beyond Basics organization submitted a proposal for the 100 and Change Grant for the MacArthur Foundation. The video was filmed within the schools, talking about our programs, and witnessing firsthand the one-on-one reading tutoring programs at work. The goal Beyond Basics would like to achieve is LITERACY.

Elijah is a student in the Beyond Basics Read to Rise literacy enrichment program. Listen to Elijah talk about how Beyond Basics has improved his reading skills, confidence, and his life. This is a true example of the work we do and how it can make a difference in the life of a child struggling to read.

Teach Me To Read

Beyond Basics created a Public Service Announcement with the help of the students in the Detroit Public Schools. They wanted to let us know their reasons why you should teach them how to read. Our impact on the students today will determine their tomorrow.

Ms. Rice Thoughts

The excitement for art, literacy and the programs at Beyond Basics is inspirational. Linda Rice, a wonderful Thirkell art teacher, explains how excited she is about the programs, reading movements, and the family atmosphere Thirkell & Beyond Basics have with one another. We are definitely part of the Thirkell Family!

Student of The Year Keith Hightower

All Program Student of the Year 2012-2013. Keith Hightower was in the Beyond Basics Read to Rise program. He gained a new level of confidence. He improved his reading skills and experienced grade level movement in reading. He participated in Art with the Masters, where he created artwork inspired by Pablo Picasso. In the Publishing Center, he wrote stories and published books. He was able to help with the books published through Beyond Basics. He represented Beyond Basics at the Thirkell Black History Month show. He was an inspiration for the younger students who struggled like him. Check out Keith and all his accomplishments!

Kasean Barber Reads His Published Story

Kasean Barber is one of the students participating in our Publishing Center Program. He created and wrote his own story. He was able to pick out his own book cover. The final story was published into Kasean’s own book. He read his book to the other students participating in the Publishing Center. He is now a published author through the Beyond Basics programs.

Watch as our student Kasean Barber reads the book he created in our Publishing Center. We believe “Literacy Is For Everyone” and we are proud of the students we work with at Beyond Basics. Check it out!

Jacob Durrah Beyond Basics Ambassador

Jacob Durrah was a student and graduate at Finney High School. He is now a University of Michigan student. He is one of many inspirational students who helped himself, other students, the teachers and school staff, and the community. He became one of the voices for Beyond Basics in Detroit, Michigan. For the Leadership Series with Beyond Basics, Jacob interviewed Josh Linkner, an entrepreneur, speaker and author. Jacob went on to intern at Detroit Venture Partners with Josh Linkner, after he graduated at Finney High School. Jacob Durrah said, “After what I saw with Beyond Basics, I feel like anything is possible”.

Ralph Hill was one of Beyond Basics 2014 Graduates. He discusses his progress and how his experience in the Beyond Basics program helped change his future. Check out this short video of one of our favorite 2014 Graduates, student Ralph Hill.

International Writing Project South Africa

Beyond Basics partnered with South Africa for an International Writing Project with some students. In this video you can listen to the experience of one of the students we participated in Beyond Basics International Writing Project in South Africa. Watch as he reads his writing, talk about the project, and tell how Beyond Basics changed his life.

At Beyond Basics we go into the schools every day in our Publishing Centers. Students have the opportunity to write or create their own stories and have them assembled into published books.

Cordette Grantling and Beyond Basics


Thoughts from Ms. Jackson

Ms. Jackson is a third grad teacher at Thirkell Elementary School, which is one of Beyond Basics schools where we run our programs.