Founded in 2002, Beyond Basics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to eradicate illiteracy, transforming the lives of students and creating stronger communities. Our one-on-one, multisensory tutoring program helps students achieve grade-level movement in reading in an average of six weeks. In addition to our structured literacy interventions, we cultivate curiosity and encourage a love of lifelong learning with fine arts activities that expand horizons.

Illiteracy is the Most Solvable Epidemic in the United States

Society is counting on getting education right for our students, and this starts with literacy. We are dedicated to helping generations of young people succeed as readers, and we take great pride in their accomplishments. With literacy, a world of opportunity opens to them, and they can transform their lives and communities.

Literacy Summit 2022

Our 2022 Virtual Literacy Summit featured an engaging discussion on pathways to achieve literacy for all with unique perspectives from panelists Ken Williams, author of Ruthless Equity, Nick Nanton, director of The Truth About Reading, and Pamela Good, cofounder, and CEO of Beyond Basics. Moderator Liana Loewus, U.S. News & World Report Managing Editor for Education, skillfully led the conversation. Let's work together to ensure all students receive what they need in order to thrive in school. Join the Beyond Basics Literacy Coalition today where we can continue the conversation and share best practices to produce the best educational outcomes for today's students.

Latest News

How DPSCD is using the COVID-19 relief aid toward tutoring, after-school programs and other efforts to shore up student achievement.

Macomb Daily honors the Wayne and Joan Webber Foundations donation of $1 million dollars to help improve literacy for students in K-12

Wayne and Joan Webber Foundation donates $1 millions dollars to help improve literacy for students in K-12

What We Do

At Beyond Basics, we seek to eradicate illiteracy, transforming the lives of students and creating stronger communities. Our programs offer one-on-one literacy tutoring, helping students reach the goal of grade-level proficiency in reading. With our structured intervention and strong student-tutor relationships, students achieve this goal in an average of six weeks. In addition, we cultivate self-efficacy, curiosity, and a love of lifelong learning with supporting activities that expand horizons.

Student Assessment
Student Assessment

Each student’s reading skills are evaluated by a Michigan certified teacher who writes a prescription to guide the student-tutor relationship.

Hands-On Learning
Hands-On Learning

Students use a multisensory tile board, giving them a hands-on experience in their pursuit of reading.

Individualized Tutoring
Individualized Tutoring

Trained tutors support students as they work one-on-one, one hour a day, building on existing skills to unlock the power of reading.

Expanding Horizons
Expanding Horizons

Story writing, publishing, projects with International Arts and Writing, plus lessons from the lives of master artists and leaders connect students to the world.

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Every individual has the power to help tackle challenges even as complex as the literacy crisis in education. 


We encourage all who are interested in making a difference in the lives of Detroit area students to inquire about the many ways to get involved with Beyond Basics. Coworkers, friends, book clubs, church groups, sports teams, and more are all invited to volunteer and to generously support our literacy efforts, and in so doing, forever change the life of a student in Detroit.

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