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Our school-embedded program includes:

  • Woodcock Mastery diagnostic student assessment with a certified Michigan teacher
  • individualized, one-on-one, phonics-based, mulitsensory literacy instruction from trained, staff tutors
  • a curriculum that combines Orton-Gillingham methodology with fine arts activities

Outcome data indicate that students make gains in reading proficiency in an average of six weeks. Testimonials indicate that improving literacy gives students new confidence that carries over in all classroom subject areas. Older students report a new sense of what is possible. They see new pathways for self-expression and self-advocacy, as well as college and career options.

Student Assessment
Student Assessment

Each student’s reading skills are evaluated by a Michigan certified teacher who writes a prescription to guide the student-tutor relationship.

Hands-On Learning
Hands-On Learning

Students use a multisensory tile board, giving them a hands-on experience in their pursuit of reading.

Individualized Tutoring
Individualized Tutoring

Trained tutors support students as they work one-on-one, one hour a day, building on existing skills to unlock the power of reading.

Expanding Horizons
Expanding Horizons

Story writing and publishing, fine arts projects, plus lessons from the lives of leaders build essential comprehension and vocabulary as we connect students to the world.

Literacy Solutions for Every Child

Partner schools identify the students to be assessed by a Beyond Basics certified teacher, who gives each student a “prescription.” Trained tutors build relationships with students, filling each prescription through one of our four literacy programs:

Our programs work intensively with children five days per week, an hour each day. Working one-on-one or in a small group with a dedicated, trained tutor, students learn the foundational skills to decode words, read fluently, and deepen comprehension. Our multisensory program is developmentally appropriate and includes dynamic fine arts and writing activities that cultivate curiosity and a love of lifelong learning. Students unlock the power of reading with the skills to thrive and take part in all that life has to offer.
Beyond Basics tutors come from diverse backgrounds, but share a passion for making a difference in the lives of young people. These paid, trained professionals help smart, capable students unlock the power of reading. For more on becoming a Beyond Basics tutor, visit https://beyondbasics.org/get-involved/join-team.

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